The machine is a vertical automatic netting machine for packaging products in bag or line , with no metal clip: the package is made of tubular net, either woven or extruded, sealed with a label.

The label can be weld-to-weld.

Suitable for: citrus fruits in general; onions, garlic, shallots, chestnuts etc.:

  • Citrus fruits in general
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Shallots
  • Chestnuts


  •  Mono-material packaging – 100% recyclable
  • 50% less plastic per pack
  • Sustantial continuity of production
  • Fast
  • 7″ touch-screen control panel
  • Dedicated 10.1″ touch-screen control panel for Markem X45 printer
  • Sustainable packaging made of tubular net and only one label, w2w or wineglass label
  • Labels shapes and dimensions are widely customizable
  • Double net tube with automatic tube change (Puma comes with 3 tubes as a standard)
  • Huge autonomy of consumable materials
  • Water cooling for welding (with low water level alarm)
  • Infeed hopper with buffer (pneumatic flap) and anti-clog system
  • Cushions to soften product drop
  • Outfeed flat belt included, running left or right
  • Food-grade parts in contact with the product
  • Wide use of electric actuators (low energy consumption)
  • Minimum/maximum pack weight: from 100gr to 2,5kg (according to the configuration)
  • Production: up to 37 ppm (according to the dose and to the configuration)

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