Dicer Machines and Slicer Machines for Fruit and Vegetable

Your first choice for fully automatic loading and processing of fruits & vegetables.

Our knowledge is able to offer you the perfect machine required for cutting in several shapes your fruit and vegetable products.
Cubes, Strips, Slices, Grating and Shredding are simple process and are being cut through grid blades and splited by a rotary knive very sharp protected by a safety closer for the security of the operator.


Standard Grid Set

Step Grid Set

Non Moving Knife Grid Set

Slicing Disk

Shredding Disk

Striping Disk

The very high-quality processing and the high product variety for the fruit and vegetable.

Cubes, Strips, Slices or Shredding 

The semiautomatic Multipurpose Dicers and Slicers machines are the right choice for Supermarkets or Industrial factories.