The VePack P-series were originally designed for Iceberg Lettuce and Broccoli. As a result of enhanced machine modifications and special film developments, the systems can now also be used for the packaging of Cauliflower, Melons and other Fruit & Vegetables. Each specially developed packing film has been optimized for processing and maximum shelf life. The packing system combines an innovative packing design (closed but breathable, tight packing with seal at the butt) with an efficient and modular machine concept. The machines are designed to be utilized as well in warehouses as directly in the field during harvesting.

Either plain or pre-printed film can be used and combinations are possible with automatic labelling and/or printing. These options give you the best possible presentation and ensure that product identification and traceability requirements can be met.

Your advantages:

Increased shelf life combined with superior shelf presentation.
Innovative packaging design, low packaging and labor costs.
Wide range of indoor and outdoor packing solutions.
Integrated labelling, coding and pre-printed film options can be used.