Quality Control Systems


A checkweigher controls the weight of the 100% of your production, not only rejecting products under the correct weight, but also minimising overfill waste.
The extremely high accuracy and reliability of a checkweigher allows you both to respect legal requirements, both to avoid waste and, therefore, increase productivity through cost savings.
Wide range of checkweighers with specific solutions for every industrial sector, realized in mirror finishing stainless steel.

Metal Detectors

Metal detection systems with advanced functions, robust and clean design in mirror finishing stainless steel and a simple and intuitive user interface.
Conveyor metal detector for food industry, ideal for inspecting small and medium sized loose and packaged products.
The top quality of the components and materials ensures great machine sturdiness and longevity, just as the simple design and easily removable and washable conveyors allow for quick cleaning and maintenance.

Integrated Machines

Metal detector and Checkweigher combined in one machine, for several format products with touchscreen display.
The integrated machines unite the functions of dynamic weighing with metal contaminant detection, guaranteeing total protection of the brand. The combination of the two instruments brings with it four important advantages compared to just their sum: reduced overall dimensions, lower cost, integrated operator interface, centralised statistical analysis.

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