Thermoforming machines made-to-measure for all packaging needs.
The design always starts on a blank sheet where the customer is free to explain what they want in terms of package, hourly output and applied packaging technology.

With a handful of clear input elements, in a very short amount of time we are able propose our best solution; taking into account every requested customisation that larger international competitor cannot accommodate.
Accordingly customers will always get a unique machine based on their specifications; they are therefore not required to make compromises to adapt their ideas to pre-defined models.

The results are professional thermoforming machines which are built using only the best parts available on the market, where compromise reliability and quality to lower the price positioning are not an option.

Each thermoforming machine is built with a heavy duty made-to-measure steel frame that the various stations are anchored to. The forming and sealing chambers are strictly aluminium made from a solid piece, they are handled by electric or pneumatic systems and supported by study oversized leveraging mechanisms.

Machines for flexible, semi-rigid or rigid base film up to 900μm are available. Each package is completely customisable in terms of size and shape.

Packaging can be involve sealing only, vacuum, modified atmosphere, skin and skin protruding.

Cross and length-wise cutting systems for flexible or rigid film are manifactured in-house, as well as cutting in shapes for maximum package customisation.


Thermoforming machines are developed for users with limited space available while not wanting to compromise productivity and performance. In less than four metres we have succeeded in providing all of the technology required to define a professional machine that offers skin, modified atmosphere, vacuum or sealing-only packaging.

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Thermoforming machines represent our ideal machine, and it is no coincidence that they are Tecnovac’s best sellers. They fulfil 80% of our customer’s needs in terms of performance and versatility. By increasing the film strip to 640 mm, we achieve high productivity with relatively compact machines.

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Thermoforming machines are high-performance, designed to fulfil the specifications of the most demanding customers. Built according to a modular design, it easily integrates any dosing, weighing, labelling and printing system.  We offer various quick format change systems based on mould size.

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