Equipped with independent oil tank.
Adjustablespeedand pressure.
Fixed cylinder and piston machined to close tolerances (Fig. 1).
A smooth exit avoids clogging and colour discolouration.
Automatic piston decompression when the knee lever is released.
New ergonomic height-adjustable knee lever on several models (Fig. 3)
Easily removed piston for cleaning.
Supplied with 3 nozzles: 15, 20 and 30 mm Ø.
Construction: Made of stainless steel.
Lid & piston made of aluminium.

Stainless steel lid and piston.
Automatic on/off (three phase motors only).
Manual portioner (fig.1)
Set wheels (2 lockable) or anti-tilt trolley (fig.2).
PR-360 Twist Linker (fig.4).