The portiomat for the manufacturing of minced meat, appropriate for bowls and ready for sale. The PM150 is applicable in the production of minced meat on parchment-paper in industrial continuous operation. Portion sizes between 200 g up to 800 g can be adjusted steplessly. The integrated conveyor belt ensures the further transport for loading.


  • Free flow:
    To produce free flow minced meat only the portiomat PM150 is needed. With the device it is possible to produce portioned minced meat products suitable for retail packs. Portion sizes can be steplessly adjusted between 200 g and 800 g.

  • Skinless sausage:
    With the combination of the portiomat PM150 and the portioner PF110 skinless sausages with a stepless setting in length can also be produced. Pressed and suitable for retail packs.

  • Patty (Pressed Form):
    To produce minced meat in pressed form and in portions of 300 g to 800 g for retail packs, the portiomat PM150 can be combined with the PF110.