Cubes, Strips, Slices or Shredding – The semiautomatic Multipurpose Dicers are the right choice for Butcher shops, Supermarkets or Industrial factories:

Processing temperature up to – 3°C for all cutting products beginning from 4 mm

Four dimensional pre-compression guarantees for perfect cutting edges all-around. Hand diced results are achieved by using the unique four-dimensional pre-compression which quite simply holds the fresh meat firm while it is being cut through extremely long grid blades.

Refined shape of the slice-cut knife ensures a powerful, smooth and clean cut

Ergonomic single-handed operation with lengthwise chamber opening

Extra durable cutting grids to cope with hardest workload as standard feature

Time saving double chamber system assures loading and dicing together

Piston advance at choice continuous for high volume cutting with double or four-bladed knife or intermittent cutting with single cut knife achieving precise cubes

Low break-in period also for untrained operator

Automatic positioning of the slice-cut knife after each cutting cycle

Minimum set up time to change grid sets, no tools required

Adjustable lengthwise pre-compression

Visual signal for loading readiness