This application is a vertical netting machine to pack a variety of products, “balloon” or “in-line” style (according to the configuration), without metal clip.
The packaging is made of net (extruded or knitted), welded with a label at its extremities. The label can be: weld-to-weld (with handle function) that is welded on both sides; or wineglass label. The netting machine can work with customizable shaped labels (pre-registered printing).
It comes with a thermic transfer Markem printer, so it can print directly on the labels, both on the inside or on the outside.
Thanks to the two net tubes with automatic change, the netting machine guarantees a substantial continuity of production.
The netting machine is equipped with top-notch components. Parameters and working recipes can be programmed through the on-board touch-screen control panel, to ease operations.