Weigher For Fruit And Vegetable

The fruit can be directly fed at the top of the weigher through an elevated conveying system or using the optional feeding elevator specially designed for the PEG14.
A vibrating plate spreads the product evenly across the 14 vibrating channels (fig.1) where it is gently transported on a softhair coating base to the weighing buckets.
The vibration can be varied to control the in-feed.
A sophisticated algorithm processes the weights stored in each weighing bucket and selects the optimum combination to reach the target weight.
The product is discharged from the weighing buckets via a 2 flap opening system on to a soft rolling brush (fig.2) – this absorbs the drop onto the twin exit belts.
The exit belts have been fitted with a soft-hair coated base allowing a fast but gentle transport to the connected bagging machines.
To increase production, a buffer situated immediately before the bagging machine stores the next available pack.