Linear weighers are the suitable solutions for automatically Weighing all products through 0,5cm to 8 cm.
They are characterized by an ease use, which thanks
to the intuitive HMI SIEMENS interface, allow to be used remotely and via tele-service system 4.0 as well.

The simplified maintenance also allows a use that is within everyone’s reach.

All the linear weighers can beused:
– semi-automatically by discharge pedal
– automatically when connected to our packaging machines, also a later time.
– automatically over third-parts machines (thermoforming trays,tray-sealer and similar packing machines)

Tele-service system predisposition thanks to the webcam intergration, then the Industry 4.0 access also with our linear weighers.

Customized parameters set during construction of the machine based on the customer’s need. 100 programmable recipes with the possibility of naming them at will in order to move easily through the production’ shifts, with a touch.

Ability to check and download the whole production’s statistical data.

These are some of the main advantages of the new Siemens electronics:
– most accurate weight display;
– simplicity in adapting to third parts machines;
– user friendly maintenance.