Petruzalek Group has in its offer high-quality and high-performing manual, semi-automatic and automatic filling machines for bag-in-box and pouch bags – both for short and standard tap/gland.
Our fillers can be specially adjusted based on product viscosity for wine, juice, milk, water, edible oil, post-mix syrups, and liquid eggs filling in bag-in-box and pouch bags. The fillers can be made for standard filling of up-to 50°C or hot-filling of up-to 85°C.
The capacity of the fillers we offer is from 500L/h to 3.000+L/h depending on the customer’s needs.

The customer can fill bags with capacity from min. 1L up-to 30L with a maximum of 1’’ inch spout.
Petruzalek Group also offers a 220L drum bag fillers upon request.
Our customers can also be supplied from us with different equipment needed to process and fill wine and juice – presses, mixers, grinders, washers, belts, pasteurizers, etc.

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