Basic information about Petruzalek concern

Petruzalek is a business organization dealing with packaging technologies. We offer a wide range of packaging machines and packaging materials, a regular service and a maintenance in all countries.

A group priority is the satisfied customer and therefore we provide a complex solution in the area of a packaging, a distribution and a continuous service. Our line of products includes automatic and hand packaging machines and a wide choice of packaging materials, from foils through bags and cups to hygienic aids.

Company tradition began in 1961 when Petruzalek was founded. Years later the Teich firm, which is a part of the greatest Austrian private firm, Constantia concern, entered the company with its capital. In 2003 the Italian production company Sirap-Gema purchased all interests and became a new owner.


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New brand Petruzalek

Elegance logo is new brand Petruzalek.

New box for bakery

THUN series: bakery containers with separate lid.

New alu trays

We have added into our assortment products of aluminium material and other plastic products.

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