The perfect solution when an aesthetically pleasing design and high quality gussets are required and in cases of packaging with thick wrapping materials.( Top seal version available)


Motion is the ideal packaging machine for products like meat with MAP, bread with MAP, cheese with MAP, sandwiches with MAP.

Product categories:
  • Food: meats and cold cuts, sweets, cheese, bread, pizza, boxes and trays
  • Non Food: technical articles, plastic articles, hardware, home care, personal care, plastic cutlery
  • Pharma: secondary packaging, instrumentation
Technical Specifications MOTION
Maximun product's width 320 mm
Maximun product's height 120 mm
Bag’s length (min/max) 80/600 mm
Maximum reel width 750 mm
Max Speed 80 ppm
Wrapping materials heat & cold sealable materials
Machine's weight 1.800 kg