The STABILO vertical packaging machine is an electro-pneumatic machine used in the food industry.
The machine produces a plastic bag with 4 welded edges starting from a flat sheet film reel. A wide range of
products can be packed with this system.

The STABILO packaging machine produces bags with 4 welded edges of various
shapes and sizes. This style gives aesthetics and gives the package
a reinforced structure helping it to maintain its shape.
With the seals on all four sides, the front and back of the
bag is always free and for the eventual application of labels or to optimize the available graphic space.


Polypropylene, coupled, triplex, barrier film, polyethylene and all heat-sealable materials

All electronic components are SIEMENS
All pneumatic components are SMC
Ø forming tube: 70 – 200 (mm)
Reel width: 250 – 650 (mm) (550mm stabilo)
Package width: 110 – 315 (mm)
Package length: 0 – 780 (mm)
Production: 50 packs / min. (max)
Power supply: 400V + N + T – 50 / 60Hz – 4,5Kwh Pneumatic power
supply: 140 Lt / min – 7 bar
Protection degree IP 31
Weight: 450Kg

Stabilo is available in two verions: