Automatic electro-pneumatic packaging machine that produces 3-seal packages of various shapes and sizes starting from the printed or neutral flat reel, on which it is possible to apply labels, expiration and batch.
The Maxi packaging machine is designed to make large-volume packs, in cushion and square bottom formats.

Polypropylene, coupled, triplex, barrier film, polyethylene and all heat-sealable materials.

All electronic components are SIEMENS
All pneumatic components are SMC
Ø forming tube: 100 – 250 (mm)
Reel width: 350 – 800 (mm) (700mm with side sealing)
Package width: 160 – 400 (mm)
Length packaging: 0 – 900 (mm)
Production: 30 conf./min. (max)
Power supply: 400V + N + T – 50 / 60Hz – 7Kwh Pneumatic power
supply: 200 Lt / min – 7 bar
Protection degree IP 31