• Epicrop Bale Wrap - ENVIRO PLUS 1900 Key Features: -> Up to 6 extra bales per roll. -> Wrap with 6 Layers with no extra cost. -> 7 Layer gives super strength and excellent O2 barrier properties. -> Unbeatable price per bale.
  • EPIC 5 wrap boasts most of the key features of the 7 layer version, providing excellent strength and oxygen resistence. Key Features: -> U.V Protection -> Greater Mechanical Strength -> Tighter Tolerances -> Improved Oxygen Resistance -> Better Adhesion
  • Our EPIC 7 film is the banner product of this range, featuring unparalleled strength thanks to its 7 layer construction. Key Features: -> U.V Protection -> Greater Mechanical Strength -> Tighter Tolerances -> Improved Oxygen Resistance -> Better Adhesion -> Premium Performance -> Strongest on the Market Colour: Black/Green/White Roll Length: 1500m Width: 500/750mm Micron: 25mu Layers: 7 Rolls Per Pallet: 40
  • Epicrop Bale Wrap - Z WRAP Key Features: -> Greater strength and cling. -> UV stabilisation protection. -> 5 Layer construction gives greater resistance to oxygen ingress. -> Consistent trouble-free wrapping. -> Great value for money, elasticity. -> UV stability and the ability to cling in all circumstances


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