Powertite Film


Key benefits

-> Better oxygen barrier
-> Less waste. 50% reduction on DM losses (on an actual farm trial)
-> 10% denser bales
-> 66% of the bale covered with 3 or 4 more layers of plastic
-> Improved Waste Management Efficiency



Powertite is a polythene film used to replace Net Wrap. Made of the same material as Silage Wrap no separation is required after use. Both Silage Wrap and Powertite can be recycled together. It can be used for the conservation of different forages (grass, maize, sugar beet, whopecrop).

The Powertite Net Replacement Film is 7 layers, with an average stretching of 10% (min.5%, max.20%). It is used in combination balers with a blown wrapping film resulting in better quality conserved forage, enabling easier handling, storage and feeding thus saving time for farmers and contractors.

Additional information

Roll length

2,000m/ 2,200m


1.38m/ 0.75m

Rolls/ pallet

20/ 16


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