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  • Mincers

    Wide range of accurate, sturdy and reliable machines. Mincers are suitable for butchers and delicatessen shops, supermarkets, kitchens, food industry.

  • Bone saws

    Bone saws are suitable for shops and collective dining facilities and restoration, supermarkets, butcher's shops, meat processing centers, fishing industry.

  • Meat mixers

    They quickly mix meat, spices and other ingredients to produce an evenly blended mixture for sausages, hamburgers, meat loaf. Mixers are reliable, easy to use and clean, ideal for meat-processing centers, sausage factories, supermarkets, hypermarkets.

  • Cutters

    Machines are equipped with two knife speeds combined with two bowl speeds. Cutter can be supplied with removable knife head, is able to assure homogeneous texture of the product, great absorption capacity when producing emulsions, also suitable for frozen meats.

  • Skinners and derinders

    Produced according to the most stringent industry criteria, skinners are intuitive and user friendly.

  • Slicers

    Multi-Purpose Dicers are designed for your cubes, strips and slices. Slicers are suitable for butchery, meat processing industry, supermarkets.

  • Hydraulic fillers

    Hydraulic fillers are made from stainless steel (only the lid and piston are in aluminium) and are equipped with independent oil tank.

  • Forming machines

    They are fed with minced meat and automatically produce burgers and meatballs of the desired weight.

  • Vegetable processors

    It is multi-purpose vegetable cutters, ensuring maximal hygiene standards by processing - the components are manufactured from materials suitable for food handling and can be easily removed for fast clearing.

  • Other processors

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