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  • Films

    Films are suitable for packaging of pastries, fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, dumplings, baguettes and other foods. They are shrink, stretch, BOPP, laminated films or stretch film for pallet fixation. They are available in various widths and thicknesses, with the possibility of individual printing or perforation.

  • Trays

    Trays offer is very extensive, consisting primarily of standard polystyrene underlying trays, self absorbent, trays suitable for packing under modified atmosphere, top sealing or trays for whole chicken. We offer a pastry trays and a wide range of aluminum plates, whether standard or designed for sealing.

  • Cups

    Square and round transparent cups from PP material in several sizes, lid is separately. Individual printing possible.

  • Boxes

    Menu boxes for ready meals and polystyrene isothermal boxes.

  • Rigid transparent products

    We have available a wide assortment of boxes, bowls and containers of various type, especially designed for product presentation and distribution; we can offer articles made of PET, OPS and PP, all manufactured in our plants based in Poland and Italy.

  • Plastic tray liners under piece fruit

  • Nets packaging

    The nets are used for packaging of fruit, vegetable, industrial products, group wrapping of cheese and others.

  • Bags

    Bags are made of HDPE, PP, PE, paper material; vacuum bags, different sizes, thickness, possibilities of customers´ printing.

  • Paper goods

    This product range includes paper trays of different sizes and shapes, boxes for cakes, pizza cartons, wrapping and baking paper.

  • Disposable dishes

    Cups for hot and cold drinks from PP and PS, disposable drinking cups of PP, PS or PET. In various colors, sizes, printing options. Paper coffee cups Coffee to Go, PS or PP bowls for soup, plastic cutlery, stirrers, cocktail sticks.

  • Hygienic aids and systems

    Disposable hygienic aids – gloves, caps, aprons, toilet paper etc.

  • System of waste baskets

    Longo system is an economical, practical and hygienic system for refuse collection and sorting.

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