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  • Stretch film packaging machines

    Fully automatic packaging machines for the easiest and cheapest packaging of fresh food. All machine types can be combined with automatic label and weighing systems in order to create a fully automatic line.

  • Horizontal flow pack machines

    Horizontal machines create a tailor-made package around the product and sealed from three sides.

  • Tray sealing machines

    These units represent a large part of the packaging machines world: their range is big and include small manual “sealing only” units as well as fully automatic multi lane Vacuum/Gas/Sealing machines, to prepare modified atmosphere packages with high output.

  • Fill seal packaging machines

    It is series of automatic filling and wrapping machines for liquid and soft products as for example butter, curd cheese products, yogurts and others. In these machines the filling system is combined with the sealing one.

  • Thermoforming packaging machines

    Thermoforming machines are of a compact design, completely made of stainless steel and anodized aluminium, suitable to satisfy from small to high production requirements, depending on the different kinds of customization.

  • Bread slicing/packaging machines

    Fully automatic slicers for toast and mixed rye loaves. The cutting process is executed by means of band blades which are held taut by means of hard-chrome plated drums.

  • Vacuum machines

    We offer you a broad range of professional vacuum-packing machines. These are extremely reliable machines; they satisfy the needs both of small users and of those operating on a large scale.

  • Machines for nets packaging

    These machines are designed especially for fruit and vegetable processors and for frozen semi-finished products producers etc. They are fully automatic machines, designed for filling and closing of net bags by means of head of laminated paper or plastic.

  • Twist and clip machines

    Machines for bags closing by means of plastic clip or plastic coated wire, with possibility of date printing.

  • Sealers

    We offer L-sealing machines as well as machines for continuous side sealing.

  • Sleeve packaging machine

    Machine is designed for integration into a production line. High-technology of mechanical and electronic features – investment for companies requiring a productive and reliable machine.

  • Shrink tunnels

    Series of hot air ovens are designed to shrink sealed products as output from flow pack, angular or other types of wrapping machines.

  • Banding machines

    The product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of machines, from tabletop models to custom-made banding solutions.

  • Weighing machines

    Very sensitive and compact high-speed machines, suitable for weighing of wide range of products.

  • Rotary tables

    The rotary table is made of stainless steel, the working surface height is freely adjustable as well as the rotation speed.

  • Palletizing machine

    Machines for pallets packaging make easier work of mass production and warehousing processes during products expedition.

  • Other machines

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