Petruzalek Organization

Petruzalek is a business organization dealing with packaging technologies.

We supply to our customers a wide range of packaging machines, packaging materials and know-how, starting from a wide base of experience gathered up to now in the market. Our technicians install, set up and repair packaging machines and other equipment at the clients' sites.

We produce and deliver either XPS, OPS and PET containers but we are able to tackle also more sophisticated demands from our customers and profit from our vast knowledge-base on food packaging: our product lines include process machines, packaging equipment and a wide choice of other packaging materials, from foils through bags and cups to hygienic aids.

The Company was established in 1961 in Austria; from 1979 it became a partner of the Teich Group and during this time, from 1992, it started the growth towards Central and Eastern Europe. In 2003 Petruzalek entered in the Sirap Gema Group and completed the growth opening its subsidiaries in Serbia, Moldova and Turkey.

Today the Group operates in 12 countries, with subsidiaries acting directly in the markets: